AV Equipment rental

High end equipment integrated with webinar software that's been proven to work in any venue to ensure engaging live video events.



Our extensive inventory of AV equipment and our integrated webinar software have been used across hundreds of events which means your crews will get a package that just works.


High end

Excellent audiovisual performance, ensuring clear sound, sharp visuals, and reliable functionality for a smooth and successful event that will engage your audience.



Focus on your event's success while we provide a hassle-free AV experience with our expert equipment selection, seamless setup, 24/7 support and professional operations.

Integrated Platform

Our AV equipment can be rented standalone or in conjunction with our award winning webinar software to unlock the power of live interactive events. Deliver top-quality video and audio, extend your reach to a global audience, foster meaningful engagement through interactive features, and create memorable experiences that captivate viewers worldwide.

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  • Latest Gear
    Expert planning and preparation plus contingencies for the unforeseen
  • Expertise Through Repitition
    Skilled crew with high-end gear means your event will look amazing
  • No Glitches
    Strong leadership to make sure everyone is in sync from the crew to the presenters and engagement with the audience

High-End AV Equipment

We own high quality, well-tested live AV equipment. This includes professional-grade cameras, audio equipment, and encoding devices in custom configurations. Seamless and uninterrupted live streaming is essential to ensure a successful live video event. Reliable equipment plays a crucial role in achieving that.

Managed For You

You can provide your own crew or use one of our experienced production teams to provide a streamlined planning process, professional live testing & production, and an engaging attendee experience to help you with all your, virtual, hybrid, and fully in-person events in any city nationwide.

  • Interactivity
    Live chat, polls, Q&A sessions, audience participation games, social media integration, and real-time audience feedback.
  • Enhance content & storytelling
    Focus on high quality video that captivates the audience without glitches
  • Metrics that matter
    Collect audience data and share insights and action items with you