Webcasting services

Add engagement and interactivity to your live video events, webinars, and virtual events with our award winning webinar platform & high quality AV equipment



A comprehensive suite of engagement features tools including polls, Q&A, slides, social integration and private chat



We own the AV equipment and the webinar software so our crews never have to 'figure it out' and are always up to speed with running your webcast flawlessly



Attendee registration management, reporting and behavioral analytics inform post-event follow-up to help meet objectives.

Add Engagement

Unlock the power of live, interactive events. Extend your reach to a global audience, foster meaningful engagement & audience insights through interactive features like polls, chat, social integration, and Q&A, to create memorable experiences around your brand.

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  • No Surprises
    Expert planning and preparation plus contingencies for the unforeseen
  • Technical Expertise and Execution
    Skilled crew with high-end gear means your event will look amazing
  • Effective Communication and Coordination
    Strong leadership to make sure everyone is in sync from the crew to the presenters and engagement with the audience

Integrated Platform

We own our AV equipment and webcasting software so they work in harmony , setting the stage for an engaging event. With this powerful duo, your live video production unfolds with unrivaled precision and stability, leaving you free to focus on content and storytelling.

Audience Insights

Online registration combined with behavioral analytics, you gain deep visibility into viewer engagement, attendance patterns, and feedback. Harness these valuable insights to refine your follow-ups, maximize impact, and meet your event objectives.

  • Interactivity
    Live chat, polls, Q&A sessions, and social media integration, create rich insights
  • Enhance content & storytelling
    Use the platform to help with engagement so you can focus on your story.
  • Clear next steps
    Use the data from interactivity to drive next steps and segment your audience for future communications.