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9 Expert Tips for Finding Reliable Audio Visual Equipment Suppliers

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9 Expert Tips for Finding Reliable Audio Visual Equipment Suppliers


Audio visual equipment has become integral to various industries, from corporate events and education to entertainment and marketing, to better inform and engage customers, partners, and employees. Businesses and organizations must partner with reliable audio visual equipment suppliers to ensure seamless operations and successful events. 

However, with many options in the AV equipment rental market, finding the right supplier can take time and effort. This article will provide expert tips to help you identify and select trustworthy audio visual equipment suppliers who meet your needs.

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1. Start With Research

Once an event that will require proper use of audio visual equipment is scheduled, conduct thorough research on AV systems suppliers in your region or with a national footprint. Utilize online resources like search, industry publications, and recommendations from colleagues or industry peers. Look for suppliers with a strong reputation and a proven track record of managing live events using quality equipment and seasoned crews.

2. Define Your Requirements

Before you start conversations, it is crucial to define your requirements clearly. Assess the scale and nature of your events or projects, the type of AV solutions you need, and any additional services you may require. You may not know everything off the top of your head, but you can start conversations with AV equipment suppliers and get their advice. 

Offering insightful advice on the initial call is a good sign that the provider is a good match. Discussions to help you define your specific needs will make finding a supplier that aligns with your goals easier.

3. Ask About Certification and Accreditation

Reliable AV equipment suppliers often have industry certifications and accreditations, demonstrating their commitment to quality and professionalism. Look for suppliers certified by reputable organizations, such as the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA), for example, which ensures compliance with industry standards.

4. Assess Equipment Quality and Brands

The quality of AV equipment is paramount to the success of your events or projects. Opt for suppliers that offer well-known and trusted brands with a solid reputation for performance and reliability. Commercial grade equipment ensures a seamless experience, minimizes technical glitches, and enhances your presentations or events' presentation and overall impact.

You should also insist they own their equipment.  Owning their equipment and crews provides an audio visual services company with a significant quality control and reliability advantage. Having in-house equipment allows them to maintain and upgrade their gear regularly, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing technical glitches during events. 

Additionally, employing dedicated crews familiar with the company's equipment, customized systems, and processes enhances efficiency, coordination, and overall service consistency, leading to a seamless and impressive client experience. By maintaining control over their resources, AV services companies can guarantee a higher level of service, making them more trustworthy and sought-after in the competitive market

5. Evaluate Supplier Experience and Expertise

When evaluating AV equipment suppliers, experience plays a pivotal role in ensuring a successful collaboration. Seek suppliers with a substantial track record of handling projects like yours, which indicates their ability to tackle challenges and deliver results effectively. 

An experienced supplier brings a wealth of knowledge and insights, having encountered various scenarios and honed their expertise over time. They are better equipped to understand the intricacies of your business and specific requirements and can offer tailored solutions that align with your vision.

Moreover, an experienced supplier is more likely to anticipate potential issues and devise proactive strategies to mitigate risks, ultimately leading to smoother operations and seamless execution of your events or projects. By prioritizing supplier experience and expertise, you ensure a higher chance of project success and a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

6. Customer Service and Support

Prioritizing customer service and support is paramount for a seamless experience. Look for suppliers that excel in being responsive and proactive, as this demonstrates their commitment to meeting your needs promptly. How reliable and responsive they are during the sales/conversation process indicates how they will be once your event planning is underway. 

A reliable supplier should offer excellent customer support, readily available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have before, during, and after the event. Quick response times ensure you can efficiently plan and execute your events without unnecessary delays.

Confirm that the crew planning and provisioning your event will be available for support during the live event.  This hands-on assistance guarantees that any technical glitches or issues that may arise are swiftly resolved, maintaining uninterrupted operations and a smooth overall experience for your speakers, audience, or clients.

7. Testimonials and Case Studies

Request testimonials or case studies from past clients who have worked with your potential AV equipment or system suppliers. Honest feedback from previous customers can provide valuable insights into the supplier or system's performance, reliability, and overall satisfaction levels.

8. Consider Pricing and Value

While cost is an important consideration, prioritize value over the lowest price. Seek suppliers who offer competitive pricing while delivering high-quality equipment, crews, software, and services such as webcasting. Balance cost with the overall value you receive, including the supplier's reputation, expertise, and customer support.

9. Rental Options and Flexibility

Depending on your needs, you may require audio visual systems for a single event or a long-term project. Consider suppliers offering flexible rental options or leasing arrangements tailored to your requirements. Considering AV equipment rental can be wise when choosing an AV services provider, especially for short-term projects or one-off events. 

Rental options offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as you only pay for the equipment you need for the specific duration. This allows you to access state-of-the-art AV technology without the burden of ownership, freeing up resources to invest in other aspects of your event or project. Additionally, reputable audio video systems and lighting providers offer various rental options, ensuring you can customize your room setup to suit your unique requirements.


Finding a reliable audio visual equipment supplier is crucial for the success of your events and projects. You can identify a supplier that meets your needs by defining your requirements, conducting thorough research, checking for certifications, and considering customer support.

Remember to prioritize value over price, assess product quality, features, and brands, and choose a supplier with a proven track record in the industry deploying audio visual systems for the events you'll be running. By following these expert tips, you can forge a strong partnership with a reputable AV equipment supplier, ensuring seamless operations and unforgettable experiences for your audience.