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Questions to Ask A Corporate Event Video Production Company

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Key Questions to Ask A Corporate Event Video Production Company

Working with a corporate event video production company has become integral to successful events in today's digital age. Whether it's a corporate conference, company meeting, or trade show, capturing the moments live on video to engage audiences at the venue and online around the world are 'table stakes'. But getting event video production right is more difficult than it seems.

When corporate event planners ask a video production company about their experience in live event video production, they should expect a comprehensive and confident response demonstrating the company's expertise and suitability for their specific event needs. 

The answers to these questions should instill confidence in the event planner that the production company has the necessary skills and knowledge to capture the essence of their corporate event in a visually captivating manner. Here's what corporate event planners should listen for in the answer:

What is your experience in live video production?

The event video production company should provide information about the years they have been actively involved in event video production. A longer track record may indicate more experience handling various events and potential challenges.

Delve more into the team's collective experience and expertise. You must work with an experienced team rather than a ‘lone wolf’ videographer for corporate events. Ask if the production company has a team of skilled professionals, including experienced camera operators, editors, and project managers, who can seamlessly collaborate to deliver a top-notch video content production.

Furthermore, focus on more than just the number of years they have been in operation; ask about their approach to staying updated with the latest trends and technology in event video production. A forward-thinking company that invests in modern equipment and techniques may bring fresh and innovative ideas to your corporate event videos.

Have you managed different types of events?

The company should showcase a diverse portfolio of previous event videos. Event planners should hear about corporate events they have covered, such as conferences, product launches, business seminars, or trade shows. A rich and varied portfolio signifies adaptability and versatility in capturing different event atmospheres.

Event planners should also pay attention to the size and scale of the events showcased in the portfolio. For example, if you are organizing a large-scale conference with thousands of attendees, hearing about successful video productions for similarly sized events will provide reassurance that the production company can handle events of your magnitude.

Furthermore, inquire about any challenging or unique event filming scenarios the production company has encountered and how they overcame them. Understanding their problem-solving capabilities and adaptability in handling unforeseen circumstances can be crucial in ensuring a smooth video production process for your event.

What is your experience with your equipment?

It’s critical to know whether the production company owns its equipment.  Small shops that rent different AV gear for every event automatically introduce single points of failure due to a lack of experience with the kit.  Sometimes, a failure to understand the details of the AV gear to be used can sink an event’s video production.

  • Consistent Quality

When a video production company owns its equipment and crew, they have complete control over the quality of the equipment used and the crew's skills. This means you can expect consistent and professional results across all your event videos, ensuring a polished and cohesive look for your brand.

  • Reliability and Availability

Owning their equipment gives the production company immediate familiarity with the necessary tools and gear. They are less likely to face logistical challenges and can be more flexible in accommodating your event's schedule and requirements.

  • Efficient Setup and Teardown

An in-house crew is experienced in setting up and tearing down their own equipment quickly and efficiently. This means they can seamlessly integrate with your event's schedule and minimize disruptions during setup and breakdown.

  • Adaptability to Event & Venue Needs

A company with its own equipment and crew is better positioned to adapt to changes in your event's production needs, especially as they are on-site setting up in a given venue. They can quickly scale their resources up or down based on the event's size, complexity, or last-minute adjustments.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Working with a production service company that owns its equipment can be more cost-effective in the long run. They may have more competitive pricing since they don't have to rent equipment and mark it up to make a profit or hire external crews for every project.

  • Better Communication and Collaboration

Crews using the same equipment for each event communicate better during your live event. This synergy leads to smoother coordination with other event stakeholders and more cohesive overall production.

Hiring a video production company that owns its equipment and crew provides many benefits, including consistent quality, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It also enables better communication, faster turnaround times, and the ability to adapt to your event's evolving needs. Ultimately, these advantages contribute to a successful and seamless video production experience for your corporate event.  

Do you have experience with similar events?

Knowing the event production company can handle diverse events is good.  But Ideally, having experience covering events similar in scale and nature to your corporate event is crucial as it demonstrates the production company's familiarity with the specific challenges and requirements associated with such events. 

Ask for specific examples of events that align closely with your own, such as conferences with a similar number of attendees or product launches in a comparable industry.

Inquire about their understanding of the event logistics and agenda. A production company with prior experience in events like yours will likely have insights into the best angles, key moments, and crucial shots to capture during the event.

In addition to event similarities, discuss how the production company plans to tailor the video production to align with your event's unique goals and branding. A truly experienced video production team will be able to collaborate closely with you to ensure that the video captures the essence of your corporate event and aligns perfectly with your event's theme and objectives.

Ask to see full-length videos of similar events they have produced, in addition to the highlights reels or promotional clips. Viewing complete videos will give you a more comprehensive understanding of their storytelling abilities and how they capture an entire event's creative flow and ambiance.

Lastly, feel free to inquire about any challenges they encountered during similar event productions and how they addressed them. Understanding their problem-solving approach can provide valuable insights into their ability to handle unforeseen circumstances and ensure a seamless video production process for your next event.

By assessing their experience in covering events similar to yours and their ability to tailor the video production to your event's unique needs, you can gain confidence in the production company's capability to deliver a video that exceeds your expectations and effectively captures the essence of your corporate event.

Can we get client references?

The production company should be willing to share client testimonials or provide references from previous clients who were satisfied with their event video services. Positive feedback from other corporate event planners can validate the production company's capabilities.

Assess their problem-solving skills

As you interview potential corporate event video production partners, listen to their responses as you review your requirements.  They should not just parrot back your requirements but add their insights and inform their answers with recommendations based on experience from past events. 

Event planners should be assured that the video production company has the problem-solving capabilities to handle unexpected situations during the event, ensuring a smooth and successful video production process.

In summary, the response to every question should leave corporate event planners feeling assured that the production company is not only experienced but also attuned to their specific needs and dedicated to delivering a flawless event that effectively captures the story and essence of their corporate event.


When hiring a corporate event video production company, asking key questions is essential to ensuring a successful and seamless video production experience. By delving into the company's expertise, diverse portfolio, ownership of equipment and crew, familiarity with similar events, and problem-solving abilities, corporate event planners can make informed decisions about the best partner for their video production needs. 

The ideal production company should have a track record of handling various events, a team of skilled professionals, and the ability to adapt to unique event requirements. Moreover, owning their equipment ensures consistent quality and reliable access, while problem-solving capabilities and client references showcase their dedication to delivering exceptional results. 

By selecting a video production company with the right expertise and a collaborative approach, event planners can capture the essence of their corporate events in visually captivating videos that leave a lasting impact and enhance their event's reach through online sharing.